Guess how much you would get if you invest Just Rs.100/- p.m. for 30 years @ 20% p.a. (Your Total Invstmnt in 30 yrs = Rs.36000/- (Rs.100 x 30yrs x 12months)
Ans: Your investment would be worth mind blowing Rs.23.00 Lakhs!

We as individuals, in our busy schedules, forget that we are getting older day by day and there would be a day when we would retire! In the routine life, a person spends all his time budgeting his present expenses to fulfil his/her family’s day to day needs and in the process forgets the long term goals. There would be a day when we will have to stop working due to old age, other unforeseen events, but would definitely require lot of money to survive and more over be Self Dependent.

Spending is Easy! Saving is Tough! We can help you Save!

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